JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KDKZ-TV) State lawmakers are forming a committee to investigate, after Governor Eric Greitens was indicted for felony invasion of privacy.

Republican State Representative Jay Barnes will be leading that committee. He says he won’t commit to a hard timeline.

“We are not going to waste time and we are not going to rush through this so fast that we don’t do a thorough job,” says Barnes.  (A) [BARNES A]

Rep. Barnes says the facts are the key.

“This committees task is going to be to investigate facts,” he said.  “We’re going to do so in a way that is fair, thorough, and timely, and we are going to do it without any preordained results,” says Barnes.  (A) [BARNES B]

Governor Greitens is accused of taking a compromising photo of a woman without her permission, while he was having an extramarital affair in 2015.

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