PERRYVILLE, MO (KDKZ-TV) It’s been a year since the deadly EF-3 tornado ripped through portions of Perryville.

The storm claimed the life of a man that was driving and destroy nearly 100 homes and businesses. But, one year later all but eight structures have been rebuilt.

Mayor Ken Baer says that the residents have been working hard to rebuild their community.

“We’re doing really well,” says Baer.  “In fact, we’ve almost fully recovered.  We have 91, almost 100 buildings that were impacted by this tornado.  All but eight have been totally rebuilt, and the eight are really close, so we are almost recovered and that’s really great news,” he said.

Mayor Baer says that the community came together with donations to be able to help with the rebuilding process.  Around $150,000 was raised and disbursed to all of the residents that were affected by last year’s tornado.

Mayor Baer says this has been a learning experience for the entire community.

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