Photos Courtesy Of: Paula Chilton – Facebook

(Farmington, MO)

Aside from the amount of comments that appeared on social media Tuesday morning criticizing the city for demolishing a building without the permission of its owner, following Monday morning’s partial collapse of the Hair We Go beauty salon in downtown Farmington, the city fire chief said nothing could be further from the truth.

Bricks on the front of the business, located at the corner of Main and Liberty streets, began to crumble around the noon hour Monday with no apparent cause. The fire department, which is located nearby, arrived on the scene where Farmington Fire Chief Todd Mecey said there was noticeable damage to the business front.

Mecey says, the property owner did not want to have a barrier erected around the building and instead wanted to do something to make it safe.

Chief Mecey also told us that the property owner agreed to allow the city workers to do the job, and that he understood the risks involved. The city’s Water and Sewer Department was called and a piece of equipment, along with an operator, arrived on the scene.

We asked if the building was safe in its current state, Chief Mecey stated, that there was a steel beam across the top of the building and really needed to come all the way down. Mecey continued, “The only time we see things like this are in really old buildings. This building was built sometime around 1910. We’re not structural engineers and I’m certainly no structural engineer.”

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