(Fredericktown, MO)

A suspect was arrested after he hit several electric poles with his truck on South Main Street in Fredericktown in the early hours of Sunday morning, leaving much of the south part of town without power.

According to Fredericktown Police Chief Eric Hovis, the male, who is a high school student but not a juvenile, was in custody Sunday morning following the striking of two electric poles around 3 a.m., after which the driver and a juvenile passenger fled the scene.

“The truck had plates from another state,” Hovis said. “The plate came back to a name that we paged out of the Fredericktown area and was able to go check that address after getting reports the two males that fled from the vehicle.

“They had no luck finding them at that time while people were calling saying, ‘Hey, somebody is running through my yard.'”

Hovis said after officers returned to the scene of the accident and ran the plates; they were able to locate both of the males, noting that the parents were being contacted.

Meanwhile, city electric department workers were on the scene working on getting electric service back on for the affected side of the community.