(Farmington, MO) I decided to sit down and talk with State Director of the USDA and see what they can do to help lower income families with Housing. Mr. Wilkens told me that “Rural Development helps provide low income families with financing to Purchase, Build, or Repair family homes.” “Incomes are are county specific depending on the median income of your county.” For more information contact the USDA at 573-876-0990 to know if you qualify or you can go to www.RD.USDA/MO look through programs and Eligibility programs to get a better idea. Within the Housing Program they can help with Revitalizing homes as well. The USDA helps communities as well with their Communities Facilities Program. Mr. Wilkens went on to say “This program helps with Fire Departments, Police Stations, City Halls, and Grocery Stores. For information on the CFP call 573-876-0976.