(Ironton, MO) Lake Killarney in Ironton is a 60-acre private lake. Created back in 1911 with a concrete dam, it is considered to be one of the oldest man-made lakes in Missouri, Surrounded by interesting geology, tall tree, stunning wildflowers, and clear water makes the lake a true treasure in southeastern Missouri. The lake is also home to Camp Penuel since 1973 to bring joy, hope, and the fulfillment of knowing the love of Jesus to underprivileged children. Efforts to maintain Lake Killarney are underway. In the winter of 2021, over 450 tires and many, many bags of trash were removed from the lake bed. Ironton is coming together and trying to raise $85,000. You can help by going to Https://gofund.me/3e6eo612. You can also go to the Facebook Ironton what’s going on in Ironton county page for more information.